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Drova - Forsaken Kin is a role-playing game that focuses on combat and discovery. We try to revive old aspects of roleplaying that we miss in modern roleplaying games. It is important to us that the player has to orient himself in our world instead of being guided.

Important Note

This is a prototype-demo from “Drova - Forsaken Kin” - a game we are currently developing. This demo is a spinoff of our actual game, so we can test the first mechanics and game design ideas. We are publishing it to get feedback and enhance the player experience.


  • Fight 5 different enemy types
  • Loot your enemies for more equipment and consumables
  • Fight with 2 different weapon sets 
    • Set 1: sword and shield
    • Set 2: bow
  • Dodge to avoid enemy attacks
  • Block to get less damage from enemy attacks. If you get the timing right something cool will happen
  • Learn to manage our casting-ressource “Flow”, which punishes you if you are casting to much or playing bad

What's next?

We plan to release another demo this summer, for which we like to involve your feedback in our development-progress. The next demo will have a playtime of about 1h and focuses more on story and will contain more content.

This Game is not tested for Linux and Mac systems!


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Love the art, movement and mouse controls. You made good use of masks for the trees. The bow animation is a great idea.
CS student from Cologne here! Where are you guys from?

Thanks for your feedback. We come from Magdeburg (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) and are also studying CS. :)

I like this game, hope you release full game ;))

Thanks :)
Another prototype will be released this summer and the complete game will be available until 2022.

Awesome demo, really looking forward to seeing more.

Thx :) We keep working hard. We post our progress on twitter regularly :)


Thx :)

Hi! Great game! Can I change the resolution in the windows version? Because in the tutorial I can't drag and drop the Charge spell to the quickbar below the life bar.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your feedback. We will fix this issue in a next version. :)

enjoyed this game thanks for that here is my playthrough

Thanks for sharing your video with us.

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Sweet demo guys, already filled out the form so I won't list any thoughts here. I look forward to seeing how this project develops.

Hey, thanks for your feedback! Your feedback helps us a lot!  Our goal is to release a new demo this summer that focuses more on roleplaying elements. We post our progress on twitter regularly :)

Sounds great, I'll definetly check it out.