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i'm sorry but is there some way to play this with a keyboard ?

No sry :(

OMG this game.. it left me breathless.. the art style and the battle mechanics.. they feel SO GOOD, keep up the good work guys!!!

Pretty cool! Not exactly hard (if you pick purple) but definitely tedious. 

Hey thanks for your feedback. We will release a demo of our new game in a few week. We would be happy i you could test the game, too :)

Absolutely! Just think... you could be Enter the Gungeon meets Gauntlet Legends. Aim high!! I want to see this game take off!

Was this game inspired by Wizard of Legend? Just asking...

When we devoloped the game, we did not know Wizard of Legend yet. Now we know it and have already played it. A good game!

I love this game. Jumping into the game I had some issues figuring things out (I didn't read the instruction..tsk tsk) after playing for a while you catch on to the abilities which were pretty cool. To think this game was recently updated and still has possibility of expansion is pretty cool. Whether development stopped recently on the game or not it's a full game and very much alive when it comes to activity.

hey Klugs,

we were happy about the video and it seems you liked the game. that makes us even happier.


How are you doing, I'm curious about this game's development. How is it the progress? May I know? 

Hey Muzifield,
Sorry for the later reply. We have paused the project because we are working on a new project. We will upload our new project here soon and hope you like it.

Hope you can make more fun and hard to play game again, haha :)

Thank you 

And also wish you can get what you want/needed from creating this game.

Once again thank you.

This game looks amazing! I'm waiting for a keyboard version!


I can't play on Keyboard?

it is not recomended to play with keyboard. We are currently working on a new version where you can play it with keyboard.

i will wait for the new version, my brother want play with me but  i dont have a GamePad


Even in an early state of development, this is a ton of fun! The pixel art is awesome, the gameplay is frantic (in turbo mode) and it's just a good time all around. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys do with this!

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Thank you for sharing your lets play! It was a huge amount of fun (and motivation) to watch you guys :)
We watched the video together and we were so thrilled watching you fighting the demon, that was friggin' close! We even screamed and laughed when you failed, haha :D

Really cool, thanks :)


Round two!

I guess you found EVERYTHING that this game had to offer  (at the moment). Good job! Really enjoyed the lets play, thanks for playing!

Still one more challenge left: beat the game on hardcore with all modifiers toggled on :)


I'll talk to Queen about that one, no promises... We barely managed on easy!


It took me awhile to get used to the controls, but I really enjoyed this game. The style is really enjoyable and my only real complaint (ignore all the complaining in the video)  was the difficulty of playing it alone. But for a game with coop in the title, that is probably to be expected. I'm looking forward to playing this more, epecially once I find some friends.

Cool, thank you for sharing! :)


That feel when you don't have a controller.

then this is the perfect time to buy one :P

the 32 bits is 64 bits and the 64 bits is 64 bits

Oups, our bad. I uploaded a new 32 bit version. :)

Um howto i play on computer i dont really have any way to play it...

nvmfigured it out

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Hey, this game was awesome! Super hard.. Just got owned. Mad keen to hit it up 2P 

some really nice abilities and cooldown system! 

I'd love to see a little more  player feedback when dealing damage. To help really feel the 'Hits' 
But this is totally on the right track, great work guys keep it up! 

Hello, thanks for your feedback. We make a note of everything so that we can make the game better. 
The best feedback for us is that it was fun to play the game.

The game was fun and challenging. But was harder for me because I was playing on my own. But I still enjoyed it. 


thanks for your feedback. We really enjoyed watching the video


Trying right now, but's  funny  anyways :D great job there.

Thank you very much. that's our pleasure!