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We heavily recommend the use of a joystick!
This game isn't designed to be played with a keyboard, sorry!
The game is not tested with Linux and Mac!

In Coop Crawler you choose a hero and fight through a procedurally generated dungeon. You have to kill enemies and try to deactivate pentagrams to open the door to the final boss.

The game is designed as a cooperative game, so we recommend to play it that way for the best experience. But if you don't have a friend nearby, you can play on your own aswell. But the difficulty is not well balanced for singleplayer.


  • Local multiplayer
  • Choose from three heros with unique spells
  • Fight four different enemy types
  • One boss enemy
  • Three difficulty settings
  • Four modifier, that change the game feel
  • One run is about five to ten minutes
  • A PvP arena, to fight against a friend


We started to develop this game as a prototype to test different aspects. We learned a lot and now we started to build the game from scratch to focus on the following:

  • Online mode
  • Customizable heroes
  • Progression systems
  • RPG elements (level, items, spells)
  • A lot of different dungeon types
  • More enemies and bosses with exciting mechanics

We are planning on reguarly updates on that progress as a Devlog - stay tuned.


Please leave us some feedback!


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That feel when you don't have a controller.

then this is the perfect time to buy one :P

the 32 bits is 64 bits and the 64 bits is 64 bits

Oups, our bad. I uploaded a new 32 bit version. :)

Um howto i play on computer i dont really have any way to play it...

nvmfigured it out

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Hey, this game was awesome! Super hard.. Just got owned. Mad keen to hit it up 2P 

some really nice abilities and cooldown system! 

I'd love to see a little more  player feedback when dealing damage. To help really feel the 'Hits' 
But this is totally on the right track, great work guys keep it up! 

Hello, thanks for your feedback. We make a note of everything so that we can make the game better. 
The best feedback for us is that it was fun to play the game.

The game was fun and challenging. But was harder for me because I was playing on my own. But I still enjoyed it. 


thanks for your feedback. We really enjoyed watching the video


Trying right now, but alone....it's  funny  anyways :D great job there.

Thank you very much. that's our pleasure!