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Finally you’ve made it!

The Order accepted you as a novice and sent you to the unknown land called Draheim. There the conflict between the Order and a local faction is about to escalate.

Alban, high-ranking scout of the Order, awaits you in the tavern “To the Headless Ripper” with an important report of the area.

Get the report and get out. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Explore a changing and hand-crafted world

Explore the beautiful and mysterious areas of Draheim to learn more about its people and secrets.

Find new equipment and improve your character

To succeed in this new environment, you have to level your character and find new items, as skill alone won’t be enough to prevail.

Defeat your enemies in deliberate combat

From dangerous creatures to devious intrigues, dangers await you everywhere in Draheim. Be on your guard!

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Updated 12 days ago
GenreRole Playing, Action, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Action RPG, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesGerman, English
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksCommunity, Homepage, Twitter, YouTube


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Great game! Classic! Great dialogues, simple and precise combats.

Thank you :)

Interesting but wasd-only makes it unplayable on systems with non-querty keyboards. At least allow arrow keys for movement please.


We have made a note of this and will find a solution! Thank you for your feedback.

the Czech language would also be useful in the game


very good game but somathink missing here...

"please add multiplier."

what do you mean by multiplier? ^^

"multiplayer game" game for more then one players

ps:sorry i am from Czech Republic , my eanglish is ve bed :)

sirve para Android


I have this error message : 

Cannot read property 'build' of undefined

While using the zip folder for mac : You don't have the permission to start this application

Any ideas ? Thanks

Maybe this can help: "For any Mac users unable to open the app use the following command sudo chmod -R 755 <application_file_path> to get the game working."

Thanks, not sure of what that means but anyway it doesn't work to install the game on itch.

Happy new year.

Deleted 26 days ago

Hey. It’s probably because the developer doesn’t have an Apple Developer License (or something like that). I believe you can change something in macOS settings to allow launching apps from unverified developers.

I also got this error message.


I like how you took 2 directional sprites (left and right) and made them into 360 degree combat system to not draw sprites in all directions. Very clever :)

v. 1.02
I have 1280x1024, pause menu:

Is have only in menu.
Please, don't forget test game on others resolutions, not only 16:9.

Thank you for your feedback! We have noted this and will upload it in the next version.


Having finish the demo, made a review which hopefully will bring more attention to what you guys are making. Good luck!

We liked the video very much. All your explanations are correct. It was really exciting to get an overview of all the features from someone else who is not working on the project.  We wish you much success with your youtube account and hopefully we will see a video of our game on your channel in 2022. :P

Will you add gamepad support?

We are currently discussing this. Would that be important for you?

Yes. And I think it would broaden your clientele


Just started to playthrough your game, like it a lot! I can see the influences from witcher and souls. For now I really like the flow system, the NPC's dialogues and looking forward to finding more equipments.

I saw that you are able to give bug/feedback with F2, but what do i fill in in the ID bracket? And by sending the feedback at a specific time, would you guys know where/when the bug/feedback is sent?

Start of my playthrough

Thank you for your feedback!

With the ID you can enter anything. Should only then always be uniform :)

If you currently report an error, the savegame, a screenshot and your message will be sent to us.

Got it. Btw, just finished the game, can't wait to see what you guys have in mind for the final version!

Just a few thing I am annoyed with,

1. I wish that I can drag and swap the shortcut bar on the shortcut bar itself, so I don't need to drag all the items from the inventory again if I ever wanted to slot in a new skill between lets say number 3 and 4 with skills and potion respectively.

2. I feel the color scheme of the characters and enemies tend to blend into the BG. Would be great if the colors are just a tad more saturated or contrast to pop them out.

But other than that, Loved it! Good luck on the game

Thank you for your feedback. That really helped us. Especially with Corona it is hard to get testers where you can look over their shoulders. Your video is worth its weight in gold :P

I can’t seem to get it working on my Mac.

What exactly is not working?  Are you getting any error messages?

Maybe this can help: "For any Mac users unable to open the app use the following command sudo chmod -R 755 <application_file_path> to get the game working."

Deleted 37 days ago
Deleted 37 days ago

Ok can you give me the full code instead of the <> signs and the stuff in between cause I don't know what to put there

Ok I got it to work thank you

(1 edit)

Impressive. Though, when the character talked to himself in the beginning it was a little bit too fast for me xD I wouldn't mind some kind of log in the game, maybe. But never mind me. Keep up the good job and good luck.

Also, I'm extremely grateful for the fonts in the game not being the tiny torture machine on wide screens. 


Good feedback. We made a note of that and will change it in the future. Each person reads differently fast :)


So, first of all: this game is good, very good, go and download it now if you like top-down RPG games, you will find a jewel here. Now, about my video and my experience, the game is pretty good and I had fun with it, I love it actually. The mechanics are good and the encounters with enemies are tense and meaningful. Yes, I went to a high-level area being underequipped and underprepared, but it was fun nonetheless. Check this game out!

hey thanks for your feedback. We liked your video! Videos always help us understand player behavior better :)


Played the alpha a long time ago, glad to see this game still in development. The map is nice and the characters are expressive as well, good job


Yes, we remember your last video! We were happy that you played our new version too.


Oh I had to! The story combat, all interesting, plus I want to see this new ending of the demo

(1 edit) (+3)

Hi, I made a first impressions video on the game!

Good luck in future development!


Thank you.  We really liked your video.


i finished the demo and that's really good .

I want to many play more and more . 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you. We are working hard on our new version. If you want to participate you can join our Discord.


Gameplay #5

I have reached the end of demo :D want to play more :)

That's funny. You have pulled all the rippers to the hunter. Actually, the plan was for the Hunter to kill the Rippers together with you. The Hunter is now in the Ripper camp and then the demo goes even further :) You are not yet at the end!

(just my grain of sand here) really? In my case, when I found the rippers, the Hunter didn't show up at all until I was done with them, thought that's how things were suppossed to go...

(excellent game btw)


Hi, I've been trying the game and I just wanted to say that It looks amazing. Also the press kit has been so useful for my video :D. I'll leave it here, hopefuly it ends up being useful for the development of the game :)


Thanks for sharing your gameplay with us.


You're welcome, good luck with the development ;D


can i do a new game (start all over again) with out losing my old saved data at the game cuz i might do a series at youtube :) 

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes. You have 1 - 3 saveslots. You should then save your old game to a save slot for example slot 3. The quickslot and autosave will be saved automatically and the slots can only be used by you.


thank u for replying ealry and u did a good job doing the game


jeez, this thing should at least cost 5 bucks mates, IT RIPS!


Thanks a lot. :)


Quick question, R U guys planning  on being on any other platforms in the future? Just curious. 


We are thinking about porting it to consoles. But it is still in the planning phase.


Kewl thnx.

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for making this! I really had fun with it, and cannot wait for more updates! :D


Thank you for your kind feedback. You can join our Discord, where we post updates about the development.


Where is the downloadable file? 


During the upload of the new version I lost the internet connection. You should see it now. :)

(1 edit) (+2)

Was busy couldnt watch out the page. YOu guys have updated the game I will play it now.

Here are my next Gameplays ;) This game need some mastery over fighting for player then he can play game efficiently.

#2 https://youtu.be/VieUBOd0p7Q

#3 https://youtu.be/lbO8jriT_wY

More coming soon..

Waiting for full game. I have joined discord tho. Cool You got 1k downloads.


Thanks for sharing your gameplay with us and welcome on our discord. :)


Really nice graphics and smooth gameplay! I think the combat is pretty great!


Thank you very much. :)


At the moment of writing it's free, but eventually you'll have to pay for it, so how much will be the price?


We do not yet know exactly what the game will cost in the end. It depends on how much content and elements are finally included in the game. We assume a price between 10-20€.


The graphics are great. The gameplay is level. Great combat system. Not difficult, but it takes time to master. Great job.

I noticed one bug: 

the menu shifts a little at a screen resolution of 4:3


Thank you for your feedback! We will adjust this for the next version.


I like it so far, great job.


Thank you. :)


Hello Game Dev !

It was an amazing experience to play this fantastic 2d RPG adventure game.

I was lost while playing it. I have made a lot of Gameplay videos around 20 +. It will help you find out the bugs.

Few things i have encountered.

  1. Sometimes the wolf dont get ! sign and dont attack and same happened with a monster I dont know but very strong and cant defeat him at any cost.

  2. When you click right button in inventory it gets out of inventory totally which kinda disturbed me. My suggestion is is after clicking right i am not finished i have to do more shopping :).

  3. There was a sudden glitch when i moved the 1st floor of tavern but it was once only. The screen became pink.

What I liked?

  1. Story rich content.
  2. Addictive gameplay.
  3. Enemies are tough to attack and needed a plan and tactic.
  4. Use of different elements like fireplace, bed, tavern.
  5. Variety of enemies to fight.

I will upload all my 20 videos hope it will help :D


(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much! We are very happy about the feedback! It is also nice to see what exactly you like! It also helps us a lot with the development. We are very much looking forward to your videos. If you are interested in the development, you can join our Discord:)


Very cool game. Still in the early stages of playing but thought I would leave some quick first thought feedback. 
1) Tutorial was nice but it felt very static. Teaching the player in a more dynamic way would make it more interesting. 

2) On the first two maps I tried to go down at the beginning due to the arrow under the character which led to confusion. The invisible wall felt weird. Though the character talking helped me realize what was happening.

3) The lighting is weird. The torches don't seem to glow and the tavern was incredibly hard to see. The day night cycle is cool but the game being harder to navigate isn't super fun. 

4) Also on Mac and I had to run the command Pikachuxx referenced: sudo chmod -R 755 <application_file_path>
Not sure how to otherwise resolve but it won't let me open and run it otherwise. This ^ is not a generally acceptable solution because it is dangerous


The tutorial was quickly implemented. We really have to improve it :P We noted the error and try to solve the problem. Unfortunately we couldn't test it with a Mac computer, so we are happy to get any feedback about errors with mac


My computer thinks this game is a virus and keeps deleting it.

I only got play for 2 hours


The problem is known to us but we do not yet know exactly how to solve it. We're sorry that this prevented you from playing our game. We are working on it! Thank you for your feedback


not running linux mint 17 quiana 64 bit


Noted! We will try to fix the bug in the next version!


Hello, is the gamepad support a planned feature ?


We do not know yet if we will offer gamepad support. But it is definitely on our feature list, which we will consider for the final game


Thanks for answering but what do you mean by 'Final game' ? The game status is "released", or am i misunderstanding something ? (anyway, i'll wait for a proper gamepad support)

(1 edit) (+1)

This demo  is kind of a spin-off of the actual game. It will have a bigger world, more/different NPCs and a different story line. Game mechanics and lore stay (more or less) the same. If you are interested in the development, you can join our Discord.


I'll take a look. =)

(1 edit) (+2)

Wow what can I say, this has a lot of potential. The combat and the character progression felt just right. The pixel graphic is also to my liking. Definitely something  I would look forward to in the future. Keep up the good work.

Oh and also the feedback link on the main menu sent me into a google form but as an editor, probably should fix that.

Btw some spoilers below:

Those ether pillars in the ruins, can you actually do something with them or are they just some sort of teaser for a future release? Since I did saw some "ether infused" enemies in the trailer. I just don't wanna miss out potential content.


We are happy that you enjoyed it! :)
Whoopsie! We will fix that, thanks for letting us know.

Yes, the pillars have a purpose. They are used in a "puzzle" to open the gate they are connected with. However the ether infused enemies are not in this demo. 


Thanks for the info! Finally got in after dying a buncha times. Also, there's another bug I found where you can basically get unlimited xp by returning to the worship circle to the east everyday after you've done the quest.


That's funny! This will be fixed! :P


For any Mac users unable to open the app use the following command sudo chmod -R 755 <application_file_path> to get the game working. Btw I'm really excited to play the game and will write an elaborate review once I'm done with it. The art work is really amazing.


Thanks for the information! Is there something we can fix from our side to make it working properly on Mac?

We are looking forward for your review! :)


Recorded too much gameplay so I'm going to have to make more parts, but I really enjoyed it. Only complaint is the grammar, but that's understandable. Here is my part 1 video.


Hey, thanks for sharing your gameplay with us. We will look forward for your further parts too.


This is played with only mouse and keyboard?


This is correct. :)


Another question. Is this just an early access version or is it the full release (minus patches and updates)?

(1 edit) (+2)

At the moment this is a demo, which should show our version of the game.

Now we are working towards the main game. There we will include more of these elements and add some sources of information to find out about these lore and background snippets and include it in the main story aswell!

If you are interested in our development and/or want to influence it yourself you are welcome to join our Discord.

(1 edit) (+3)

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04, and I am experiencing issues that make the game nearly unplayable. Depending on where objects are on the screen I see large purple box around objects that is kind of like a purple filter that doesn't effect the UI. I have seen these boxes on the first stage whenever my mouse moves to the right side of the screen, or when I pass to the right side of the first character you meet. There are also these big blue boxes that either cover, or replace the sprite, and it also obstructs other objects. I also have a slow, 200 dollar PC, so maybe that contributes to the issue? Anyways, I know you didn't test for Linux, and it might not be your first priority, but it is a pretty big bug. Oh, I also just realized you could add images, so here's one. Where I am, everything is purple.


Thank you for your feedback. We will make a note of it and try to find the error. It is also important to us that you can play it under linux and mac.


Hey YoBoyMarc,

we fixed the graphical bug in our new version. Just download the game again and i hope your purple filter will not appear. :)


Hello there

I am super interested in your game and would like to make a video on this. Also, I pressed kit and it said something about it being moved to the bin. Would this kit no longer be available soon?


Hi Kimmy, we would be happy to have a video about this! Regarding the press kit: it should still be available, weird. I've send you an alternative link to the press kit via Twitter. Hope this works for you! :)


Great! Thank you so much. I hope to find it on Twitter. I can't wait to play this

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